Our Methods

The basic premise of the Montessori philosophy of education is the development of the potential that lies within and is unique to each child. With its emphasis on a child’s individual abilities and creativity, the Montessori approach is as varied as the children in the classroom are.

kids5The classroom is multiage and ungraded and follow the sensitive periods of development. Internal motivation is the hallmark of a good Montessori program and emphasizes the child as the person responsible for his or her education under the direction of the montessori teacher. The teacher’s primary task is careful observation of each child to determine needs and to prepare a learning environment to aid the child’s growth. This prepared environment allows each child to develop and learn at his or her own pace. As children learn new skills, they also learn how to learn. This develops attitudes and habits that will help in future learning.

The Montessori environment at Oak Trails fosters independence, self-respect and respect of others, and promotes self-reliance. The classrooms cherish differences among people whether religious, racial,or cultural.

We follow the guidelines set forth by the American Montessori Society.
Ungraded three-year age span: 3-6
Parental understanding of the three year cycle of attendance
A record keeping system
Individual and small group instruction
Regularly scheduled parent and child conferencesObservation policy
Certified Montessori teachers
Continuing professional development

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